Semi-Annual Exam

At Tender Touch Animal Hospital, we believe the key to keeping your pet healthy begins with the semi-annual pet exam. We know you want to give your pet the best care possible. These vitally important exams help us to get to know your pet both from a medical and personal standpoint. The tests we perform give us valuable information about what is normal for your pet so that if illness or injury occurs, we have a better idea of how to treat him or her.

We firmly believe these semi-annual physical exams are the simplest and best preventive step you can take for your pet. Because pets age seven times faster than we do, regular examinations are important to monitor your pet’s health. Wellness examinations along with screening blood and urine tests can establish a baseline for your pet and detect any changes early. Catching changes early, before they become serious, often means that they will be easier and less expensive to treat. We will talk to you about health problems and behaviors to look for and we will listen carefully to your questions and observations. Working together, we can help your pet to have the best health and the best life possible.

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