Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Monica Wlodarchak
    Hello, my name is Sneaky, and I was born in May 1995. This is my mom, Dr. Monica Wlodarchak, in the picture with me. She rescued me when I weighed only one pound; just a baby found stuck in some sticker bushes along the side of the road near Silverdale. I was really lucky because I had some facial injuries that were in bad need of care. After my rescue, mom took me to Pullman of all places! Let me tell you, there is this white stuff there that they call snow --not good! I was certainly not fond of the place, but mom said we had to stick it out so that we could go to vet school at WSU. So off to vet school we went. I honestly think that I got better grades than my mom in vet school, but for some reason, the institution gave her the graduation certificate and not me. I am still considering an appeal! Once we graduated, we moved to Tacoma and my mom went to work at a really busy seven doctor practice. She had a great mentor there and really learned a lot. She got to do really cool surgeries like removing lung lobes and even heart surgery. She also fell in love with internal medicine, dentistry, and preventative care. I must admit that I didn’t have to coach her very much. After four years, we decided that we missed our roots and family so we packed up and moved back to Poulsbo. My mom worked as an Emergency Veterinarian in Poulsbo for a few years and then worked at the Poulsbo Animal Clinic as the sole veterinarian for four years. In December 2009 she opened her very own veterinary practice, Tender Touch Animal Hospital, in Kingston. Daily, I enjoy new experiences and learn more things while I watch my mom take care of our very own veterinary practice (It’s so cool to tell other pets about our hospital)!

  • Ann Marie Erdey
    Practice Manager
    Hello, my name is Lucky, and I am the small dog in this picture with my mom, Ann Marie, and my older and bigger sister, Betty. We make up part of our whole family which includes my two legged Dad, David. I sure feel fortunate to belong to this family because I was rescued by my mom at the last minute from an animal shelter. My mom has always loved animals and does a lot of rescue and fostering work. In May 2011 she started working at Tender Touch Animal Hospital and enjoys learning all about dog and cat medicine. She has a really cool job because she gets to meet all of the pets and people as they come in the front door. I think I would like a job like that except my mom says that I get into too much trouble to hold down a full-time job. I really do try to be a good dog, but sometimes my selective hearing gets me in trouble. So instead of working, I will have to chase the ball, watch birds, and play a good game of tag with Betty, occasionally biting her ankles (don’t tell mom). I will still be able to look forward to my favorite time of day which is feeding time, YUM! And of course I can still indulge my only other obsession, catching butterflies. Every time I see one, I try to jump up and get it, but for some reason they are always just out of my reach. One day….. Hey, maybe this job thing is not such a good idea, I think I’ll leave it to my mom and stick with what I’ve got!

  • Brooke Jordan
    Certified Veterinary Assistant
    Hello, my name is Nayeli! I was born in 2011 and when I was only three months old, I began exploring the world all on my own looking for my family. My mom rescued me and gave me a home so that I could put down roots. I was also very blessed to meet Faith, my new sister. My mom had already rescued her a few years before me and Faith had her roots well established but thankfully, she accepted me into the family and she even tolerates my craziness too! I think that I have learned many new things since I was adopted. But my sister, Faith doesn’t agree. You see, Faith loves to play this game with my mom where mom throws a ball and Faith runs, gets it and brings it back to mom. It seems so repetitive and senseless to me so instead, I just run around in great big circles and do my own thing. I must say that I am quite good at it too! My mom joined the staff at Tender Touch Animal Hospital the summer of 2012 and since then she has been really happy. She tells me about her days at work taking care of different dogs and cats too!. I am very happy for her because she wanted to work in the veterinary field almost her whole life. She even pretended to be a veterinarian and take care of all of the neighborhood pets when she was a little girl. Immediately following high school, mom attended PIMA Medical Institute and earned her degree as a veterinary assistant with honors. Now she is attending an online school program and studying to become a licensed veterinary technician. I love to watch my mom study and I tutor her as much as I can but after all I have many things to do and I cannot always be helping her. I mean really, I don’t need the degree, I already know everything there is to know about dogs since I am one!!!

  • Danielle

    Hello my name is Smooshy, and my Mom Danielle. I have a pretty wonderful life with my family. My feline family consists of Wombie, Tingy and Mow Mow, and my brother Gunner a CATahoula….he’s really a dog. Danielle joined the Tender Touch Animal Hospital Family in 2017 and started in the field back in 199……(She doesn’t want me to say exactly but, she knows what she is doing). When my Mom is not working she enjoys being our personal slave brushing us, feeding us, playing with us. Mom has a secret talent and makes wonderful lotions and handmade fancy soaps. Danielle is a pretty good gardener too or what I like to call the creator of Cat T.V! She has the most beautiful flowers that attract the humming birds. I love Tender Touch Animal Hospital for the same reasons my Mother likes to work there. They are nice, they want what is best for me, and care for me as part of their family. Dr. Monica is also a cat whisper, but shhhh don’t tell anyone her superpower, that is a secret for us felines.

  • Kendall
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kendall has been with Tender Touch Animal Hospital sinceSpring of 2019. She is here with Gus, Gus is just one of her four legged family members. Kendall has training in canine behavior and rehabilitation, working in shelters to help rehabilitation of abused and neglected pets. She is currently enrolled to become a certified veterinary assistant. Kendall has a love of all animals and it shows every day she is here.

  • Sam
    Veterinary Assistant

    Sam has been with Tender Touch Animal Hospital since 2018. Sam graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelors degree in biology. Sam has a passion for science and is always staying current on new studies from animal health to environmental health. Sam spent time working with animals at both West Sound Wildlife Shelter, and at the University of Idaho before joining the TTAH family. She believes good medicine and snuggles are key to a healthy pet.

  • Savannah
    Veterinary Technician Student / Receptionist

    Coming Soon!

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